Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Qtica Featured in NAILPRO Magazine

Ladies AND Gents 

Listen up fellas this one is for YOU! Because what guy doesn't want smooth feet?? 

NAILPRO magazine says "Guys want products that show results without the jewel-drenched, rose-scented, hot-pink froufrou."

We couldn't agree more! That's why all men need Qtica Smart Spa Sugar Scrub and Qtica Black Overnight Intense Foot Repair Balm. The honey, beeswax and multivitamin complex work together in this balm to treat damaged feet to repair and protect your skin. 
NAILPRO recommends delicious scents like Qtica Smart Spa Pomegranate Lime Sugar Scrub and Qtica Smart Spa Lime Zest Sugar Scrub. For even more great scents visit the Qtica Smart Spa website

Qtica pros recommend scrubbing those tootsies with Qtica Sugar Scrub first and then applying Qtica Overnight Intense Foot Repair Balm. For best results lather feet with Repair Balm, cover with socks and wear overnight. 

Now, go ahead and play footsies with your partner! 

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!
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