Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Qtica Featured in NAILPRO Magazine

Ladies AND Gents 

Listen up fellas this one is for YOU! Because what guy doesn't want smooth feet?? 

NAILPRO magazine says "Guys want products that show results without the jewel-drenched, rose-scented, hot-pink froufrou."

We couldn't agree more! That's why all men need Qtica Smart Spa Sugar Scrub and Qtica Black Overnight Intense Foot Repair Balm. The honey, beeswax and multivitamin complex work together in this balm to treat damaged feet to repair and protect your skin. 
NAILPRO recommends delicious scents like Qtica Smart Spa Pomegranate Lime Sugar Scrub and Qtica Smart Spa Lime Zest Sugar Scrub. For even more great scents visit the Qtica Smart Spa website

Qtica pros recommend scrubbing those tootsies with Qtica Sugar Scrub first and then applying Qtica Overnight Intense Foot Repair Balm. For best results lather feet with Repair Balm, cover with socks and wear overnight. 

Now, go ahead and play footsies with your partner! 

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

NailPro Magazine Soothes Cuticles With Qtica Solid Gold!

Qtica Cuticle Cure

An essential element to any manicure is caring for your cuticles. In the May issue, NailPro Magazine recommends relieving dry cuticles with Qtica Solid Gold! The revolutionary, patented formula delivers a unique 12-oil blend in a solid, mess-free formula until it touches the hand. The great-smelling, great-feeling oil not only moisturizes skin, it brings nails to a high-shine buff in seconds and protects against fungus and bacteria with tea tree and citrus oils.  

Apply as a protective barrier before buffing, as a cuticle softener for pushing back cuticles or as an every day cuticle moisturizer.

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NAILPRO Reader's Choice Award For Best Scrub - Qtica Smart Spa Scrub

Exhilarate Your Senses With Exotic Mango...

NAILPRO Magazine’s reader’s have chosen the products that they can’t live without for - including Qtica Exotic Mango Sugar Scrub

The Qtica Smart Spa Exfoliating Sugar Scrub goes on like honey and removes dead skin with delicate sugar crystals that dissolve completely to leave behind soothed, softened skin. Perfect for professional manicures & pedicures or for at-home-use, as it doesn't clog drains or whirlpool jets and never leaves difficult-to-clean residue.

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Restore Natural Nail Health With Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator - Featured In NailPro Magazine!

Restoring Natural Nail Health

NailPro Magazine recommends tailoring treatments based on individual nail types to deliver the best service for natural-nail clients. For dry, weak, thin or damaged nails, NailPro Magazine recommends Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator...

"Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator lengthens, strengthens and hydrates nails, and encourages up to one-fourth inch of growth in just 14 days. Perfect for developing natural nails after removing enhancements!" - Nail Pro Magazine

Apply as a nail polish base coat (perfect as a premium nail strengthening manicure item); follow with two coats of ZOYA Nail Polish, QTICA Extending Top Coat and QTICA Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator. For best results, apply one coat on nails or over polish every 2-3 days.

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Monday, January 21, 2013

NAILPRO Magazine Features Qtica Solid Gold Cuticle Oil Gel

It's all about the oil...

In the January issue of NAILPRO Magazine, beauty editors recommend lathering up cuticles with intense treatments to promote strong, healthy nails. Qtica Solid Gold Oil Gel is featured as a convenient, mess-free option for conditioning cuticles and keeping your manicure looking brighter for longer!

"Solid Gold Anti-Bacterial Oil Gel applies as a solid, mess-free gel, soothing and nourishing cuticles while bringing nails to a high-shine buff. The revolutionary formula includes tea tree and citrus oils to protect against fungus and bacteria, and comes in a redesigned package that is perfectly portable."

Keep hands and feet in tip-top shape with other great nail and skin care treatments from Qtica - see the entire line of products here.

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator Featured in People StyleWatch!

Dry polish faster...

How many times have you gone to walk out the door and noticed your freshly painted manicure is smudged or dented? Is it possible to dry nails super quickly and be on your way in no time, worry free? People StyleWatch says YES!

See Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator featured in this month's People StyleWatch. 

"Quick-dry drops really work, says celeb manicurist Lisa Logan. They shorten drying time by up to 60%!" - People StyleWatch

Pro Tip: After applying your base coat, two thin coats of color and a top coat, allow nails to air dry for at least a minute before applying quick-dry drops. Angle nails downward and apply one drop at the cuticle base, allowing it to spread evenly.

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Soothe, Smooth and Rejuvenate with Qtica Smart Spa...

Soothe your soles!
Women's World Magazine (November 26, 2012) features the Qtica Smart Spa Lemon Dream Triple Action Fresh Soak as a quick way to sooth rough or achy skin and instantly rejuvenate your feet. 
"Dip your tootsies into this refreshing soak to beautify your feet!" - Women's World
Be sure to soak your feet for 10 minutes, pat dry and massage in a rich foot cream like the Qtica Lemon Dream Luxury Lotion!  
Quick Tip: For extreme softness, wrap a warm towel around hands or feet after applying luxury lotion to help the cream penetrate skin. 
Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

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