Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator Featured in People StyleWatch!

Dry polish faster...

How many times have you gone to walk out the door and noticed your freshly painted manicure is smudged or dented? Is it possible to dry nails super quickly and be on your way in no time, worry free? People StyleWatch says YES!

See Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator featured in this month's People StyleWatch. 

"Quick-dry drops really work, says celeb manicurist Lisa Logan. They shorten drying time by up to 60%!" - People StyleWatch

Pro Tip: After applying your base coat, two thin coats of color and a top coat, allow nails to air dry for at least a minute before applying quick-dry drops. Angle nails downward and apply one drop at the cuticle base, allowing it to spread evenly.

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Soothe, Smooth and Rejuvenate with Qtica Smart Spa...

Soothe your soles!
Women's World Magazine (November 26, 2012) features the Qtica Smart Spa Lemon Dream Triple Action Fresh Soak as a quick way to sooth rough or achy skin and instantly rejuvenate your feet. 
"Dip your tootsies into this refreshing soak to beautify your feet!" - Women's World
Be sure to soak your feet for 10 minutes, pat dry and massage in a rich foot cream like the Qtica Lemon Dream Luxury Lotion!  
Quick Tip: For extreme softness, wrap a warm towel around hands or feet after applying luxury lotion to help the cream penetrate skin. 
Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Moms, Make Mornings Easier with the Qtica Lip Repair Balm!

Incorporate the Qtica Lip Repair Balm into your nightly routine and wake up with extra soft lips...

Saving time during the typical day-time beauty routine can be critical for any busy mom. Mom.me, an online community for all things parenting, recommends sealing your lips before bedtime with the Qtica Lip Repair Balm for an intense treatment that heals and nourishes lips overnight. 

"I can’t sleep without this on my lips. That’s how addictive it is. For the chronically dry, chapped, peeling or cracked, there’s nothing better. Lightly rub lips with a damp baby washcloth or soft wet toothbrush first, for extra-smooth results." 

Find Qtica Lip Repair Balm online at www.qtica.com, among other intense treatments for the nails, hands, feet and body.
Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BuzzFeed Talks Qtica Lip Repair Balm!

10 Incredible Skincare Products Magazines Won't Tell You About

We were happy to find the Qtica Lip Repair Balm recognized as one of the "10 Incredible Skincare Products Magazines Won't Tell You About" featured on BuzzFeed this week! BuzzFeed's lips are far from sealed when it comes to voicing what products are really worth your cash...

"These brands don't have the ad dollars necessary for coverage in the glossy titles you find on newsstands everywhere. But unlike a lot of the products those publications feature, these actually work."


The Qtica Lip Repair Balm is a rich, thick concentration of honey, beeswax, vitamins, aloe, tea tree and essential oils that helps relieve and seal the most dry, irritated lips overnight. See an instant improvement in moisture - a tiny dab of this lip balm heals the crustiest lips.

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!

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