Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BuzzFeed Talks Qtica Lip Repair Balm!

10 Incredible Skincare Products Magazines Won't Tell You About

We were happy to find the Qtica Lip Repair Balm recognized as one of the "10 Incredible Skincare Products Magazines Won't Tell You About" featured on BuzzFeed this week! BuzzFeed's lips are far from sealed when it comes to voicing what products are really worth your cash...

"These brands don't have the ad dollars necessary for coverage in the glossy titles you find on newsstands everywhere. But unlike a lot of the products those publications feature, these actually work."


The Qtica Lip Repair Balm is a rich, thick concentration of honey, beeswax, vitamins, aloe, tea tree and essential oils that helps relieve and seal the most dry, irritated lips overnight. See an instant improvement in moisture - a tiny dab of this lip balm heals the crustiest lips.

Qtica Intense Treatments - Guaranteed Results!
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