Monday, January 5, 2009

Qtica Lip Repair Balm works! Lucky Magazine agrees...

Qtica Lip Repair Balm is the fix for dry, chapped, parched lips - Lucky Magazine (February 2009)

File this one under "best lip balm - best lip therapy - best lip salve".

The Beauty Editor of Lucky Magazine, Jean Godfrey-June, passes on a great beauty tip to her readers that was emailed to her from a notoriously "anti-beauty product" friend and it just happens to be about Qtica's incredible Intense Lip Repair Balm...

""...I got too much sun in L.A. and my lips were so unhappy. I kept slathering them with everything, fixating on how yucky they felt, and then I went to Larchmont Beauty Center, and in a matter of hours! All better. The end. I can't believe I just wrote all of that , but it's true"

A product so good (Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm), readers, that one far more discerning than I is willing to gush."
Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky Magazine - Beauty Editor

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