Friday, November 19, 2010

Qtica Lip Balm Saves Dry Lips from Winter!

Cracked Dry Lips are never in Style. Get Soft Healthy Lips with Qtica Lip Repair Balm.

Blogger CybeleSays wrote a great review of Qtica Lip Repair Balm in it she said:

"Thank goodness I've been piling on the QTICA Intense Lip Repair Balm ($12 @ Not only does the menthol provide soothing relief but the honey, essential oils, aloe, tea tree  and beeswax help to heal the delicate skin."

Get relief from dry cracked lips with Qtica Lip Repair Balm. Let Qtica Lip Balm help heal dry lips. Made with honey, beeswax, vitamins and aloe this lip balm defends against the elements and helps relieve and seal the most dry, irritated lips overnight! Qtica Lip balm is great gift for both women and men. Get it today and get healthy soft kissable lips fast.
Thanks to CycbeleSays for the great review check out the rest of the article here
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