Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Lemon Dream Manicure !

Celebrity Manicurist, Jacqueline Saulbery just shared her Lemon Dream manicure to Your Daily Thread and it's super sweet!

"Jacqueline Saulbery, fashion and celebrity nail artist extraordinaire for Zoya & Qtica, shares her natural lemon manicure…lemon juice is a natural cuticle whitener and smells amazing! Her instructions are so simple, we just had to share. Great for a girls night in or a YDT photo shoot!
1 large glass bowl
3 or 4 large organic lemons (from a neighbors tree or farmer’s market)
fresh flower pedals
Qtica Smart Spa Lemon Dream Sugar Scrub (or homemade sugar scrub)
Qtica Smart Spa Lemon Dream Anti-Bacterial Soak
Qtica Smart Spa Lemon Dream Luxury Lotion
nail brush
" -YTD

For more delicious manicure products go to  and you can read the rest of the article here!
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